The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has been intensifying its cybersecurity stance, treating it as an emerging critical area in national security consistent with the President’s agenda of development through ensuring the safety of the nation. DICT aspires for the Philippines to develop and flourish through innovation and constant development of ICT in the pursuit of a progressive, safe, secured, contented and happy Filipino nation.

“DICT of the people and for the people.”

The Event

The annual Philippines International Cybersecurity Conference (PICC) is specifically designed to follow and showcase the country's journey to the national goal of cyber resiliency. It features local and international cybersecurity, law enforcement, and counterterrorism experts. This event is sponsored by the DICT CyberSecurity Bureau. Participants will be given the chance to examine current cybersecurity challenges and discover ways to improve their security stance and to effectively counter cyber crimes and increase partnership and awareness between serving government officials, private industry, and civil-society leaders.


Bringing together over 400 delegates, the 2nd annual Philippines International Cybersecurity Conference (PICC) will provide an overview of top cybersecurity challenges with an aim to enhance the role between the government, private industry and civil society in countering cybercrimes. It will highlight the importance of emerging 21st century cyber security challenges including asymmetric threats from different actors. Finally, it aims to promote robust public-private partnership, information sharing and exchange, strategy and policy development.

Global Challenges for Cybersecurity and Different Strategies in Cyberspace

Panel Discussion 1


Vladimir Osipenko

Head of Business Development, BI ZONE


Day 1 - 11:00AM || October 25, 2018

Critical Infrastructure Protection:
Complexities Associated with Enhancing Cybersecurity Aspects of Critical Information Infrastructure

Panel Discussion 2


Director Steve Casapulla

International Affairs, US DHS

Director Herminio Arriola

Department of Energy

ASec. Allan S. Cabanlong

Department of Information and Communications Technology

Vikram Kalkut


Day 1 - 01:15PM || October 25, 2018

Capacity Building:
Best Practices for Successful Implementation of CyberSecurity and Strategic Goals

Panel Discussion 3


Francisco D. Napalit

Dean of CICT,Holy Angel University

Dr. Demeke Bayyou

AMA University

Day 2 - 09:25AM || October 26, 2018

Domestic and International:
Cyber Crime Cooperation on Cases

Panel Discussion 4


Director Marni Caluya Marcos Jr.


Jay Salanguste

Digital Forensics Examiner, NBI CCD

Angiereen Medina

State Counsel of DOJ - OOC

Salvador M. Sambalilo

Deputy Commander Naval Information and Communications Technology Center

Alexey Malanov


Day 2 - 9:25AM || October 26, 2018

Cybercrime Prosecution

Panel Discussion 5


Charito A. Zamora


Mark Talib

Manager, PayMaya

Day 2 - 01:15PM || October 26, 2018

International Cyber Security Norms

Panel Discussion 6


Sithuraj Ponraj

CSA Singapore


Day 2 - 3:30PM || October 26, 2018

Conference Schedule